Social Media is Getting More and More Overwhelming!

2021 is telling us daily: we are not going anywhere without social media. People have to remind themselves to put phones down, turn off notifications, declutter their phones. That's why we decided to deep down on why it is happening!

Marketing Overload

You are jumping on instagram - ads are targeting you, jump on Facebook - same story. And we don't even understand that we let Social Media Artificial Intelligence learn our behaviour. Depending on how we interact with Ads - AI determines what to show us. If we click on ads - it will remember it and continue showing you ads where objective is to get link clicks!

Crazy right?

And that's just a small part. Organically there are so many businesses posting content that completely doesn't reflect how it can help. Just consistent self-promotion!

Notifications that Want You Back

You know - one of our team members was terrified once when we told her to turn her notification off! She said: "What if I miss something important? I have my instagram comments, messenger, business suite on, snapchat...".

Well all of these platforms have been doing phenomenal research on how to get you back to increase your time on socials - therefore sell you more via advertising! True story. Watch "The Social Dilemma" and "The Great Hack" where experts, psychologists and former employees are explaining the way the networks are built.

The point is - our team member wasn't in charge of community engagement! She was our content creator. Which means she didn't need to have her notification on for all these platforms.

What to Do?

We love creating content and we work with businesses. That means we are certainly involved in the marketing game, but we are always careful in where we take our clients. We show them how important it is provide value, GIVE - not just take, explain, reveal, but for goodness sake - not use aggressive advertising!

For an average social media user - there are a few things that you might want to look into:

  • Why do you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram? If that's your way to connect with people - fantastic. Maybe you love sharing your thoughts - that's also the way of connecting (because you are looking for someone to relate to that).

  • Do you like sharing posts? May be you love sharing your children photos or vacations. Then your community should be "idiots" free. Block everyone who can potentially ruin your groove.

  • Control your ads! On Facebook and Instagram there are ways to hide individual ads and even adjust your ad preferences via Facebook so that you don't see what irritates you!

  • Only follow accounts that bring value! If business / creator accounts make you feel great, inspire you, motivate you, provide great information - that's where you need to be!

We want only positive sensation from social media! We want you to love it, not cry from it!

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