Kate Dacres-Mannings

Managing Director BRAND-AID

I want your business to succeed, that's why we won't just manage your social media - we'll make sure it works for you! 

How do we help you grow?

Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a substantial portion of your customers are on social. 16,000,000 Australians actively use Facebook and 9,000,000 Australians actively use Instagram. 


A web page is now seen as the minimum public presence required for a customer focussed business, but your page is now lost within thousands of search results and sponsored websites. How to stand out? How to grow within your area? How to drive traffic to your business? The solution is the correct usage of social media algorithms.


Digital marketing strategies work, but they can only be effective if they are implanted with focus and strong customer knowledge. In order to be a successful business operating with the help of social media, you need to post daily across several platforms and maybe not even once, taking into account time of the day, quality of the content and the latest twists of the policies. These are not paid advertising, merely posts giving information or inspiration about your business. 


Why? Because the key is to be both active and interactive. Your potential clients expect you to answer their requests almost instantly, they want to see the reality of your business, they need to know your story before they can trust you! Now the question comes – how to allocate time and gain the marketing knowledge whilst you are providing your services or creating your product? 


That’s exactly why Brand-Aid has been established. We understand that you are great at what you do, but others won’t find out this unless we tell them! We will partner with you in the world of digital marketing, develop the trust of your audience and help you grow whilst you are concentrating on your products and services.