Will Social Media Solve All Your Problems?

Updated: May 18, 2021

We wish we could say yes! And it can. We promise you it can. Some people have no other strategy but social media strategy and it can work, but there's a reason businesses have multiple pages on their websites, use advertising, manage social media pages and include email marketing in their strategy!

It really depends on what your business does, what size you are happy to get up to and what are your business goals! Social Media will need to be there anyway. But then the question what social media is required? And what else can help?

Let us simplify!

Ok. First one up is your website! Must have for everyone, whether you are a super small business / self-employed professional or massively converting store.

What pages do you need to have? That's a debate. Some say - just your call to action so that people don't wander, some would say everything what we can possibly put on.

We say: look at your business goal and align it with it. If you want for people to develop trust - you need to focus on proof points. If you have an online product and want a quick conversion - clear call to action and easy pathway.

Google. Let's make it your friend and not a scary world of SEO. Google My Business is a must. Get your Google My Business, post pictures, add products, ask people for reviews. That is a must for any business really!

Email marketing. Ok if you are a plumber - you can keep scrolling (it's not something you need to think about), but if you are an online store, a real estate agency, online course creator, educator, coach - do yourself a favour. Start building a list of email addresses and look up - you will get lot's of value out of it. And don't measure it by the way you interact with those emails: on average, email marketing has a 4400% ROI!

Now our favourite Social Media!

You need both FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM! LinkedIn would be great too, but really depends what business it is. A good LinkedIn company page wouldn't hurt anyway! We are not pushing you to YouTube - that's only if you want to be active on it. TikTok is also for those who love it! And Twitter is for news!

But really Socials all coming down to:

  1. Setting up your goals

  2. Understanding how you are going to achieve them

  3. Depending on the goals define your tools

  4. Evaluate your advertising budget

  5. Give us a call if you are still unsure!


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