Amazing Updates Are Coming On Our Blog!

Hey Stranger!

Long time no see… But we are so happy to come back with some great news!

You know this feeling when you stop and realise that something is wrong with what you do. This feeling when you acknowledge that you have great intentions and opportunities, valuable and vital knowledge to share with people, but for some reason, you haven't done it yet.

That was when we understood that moving the process steadily forward and actively promoting our blog are necessities.

We don't want to be limited in symbols and length of the text, like on Instagram or Facebook. Instead, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information that we've been collecting for years through trial and error. That's why we've launched our blog!

You can't even imagine how much time we've spent discussing the launch as well as all aspects that go together with it. Brainstorming, searching, analysing, selecting and then structuring information into a single whole...And now we're fully prepared to share with you everything we've done!

Let's finally reveal what topics we are bringing to our blog.

Undoubtedly, we eagerly await telling you about BRAND-AID:

  • About company

  • Team

  • Services

  • Training.

Another block of posts will be focused on Social Media:

  • For Service-Based Business

  • For Product Based Business (inc. e-commerce)

  • For Creators (Influencers, Bloggers)

  • Photography and Editing

  • Tips for business

Of course, Marketing won't go unnoticed:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing and Advertising on Social Media

And at last, one can't help but speak about Brand Development, where we'll also share with you Clients stories and Social Media accounts success stories.

We won't only tell you the theory, we'll demonstrate in practice how to choose Social Media mechanisms and strategies that'll definitely work for your business. Our distinctive feature is that we know what we're talking about because these are the spheres of our expertise.


Brand-Aid Creative Team


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